ITVPlayer wanted to become a destination for viewers like Netflix and other on-demand services in people’s ‘MeTime’. It wanted to be a place where people could enjoy a wide range of content, rather than just being perceived as a ‘Corrie catch up service’. To change the viewers' mindset first we organised the ITV Player content into moods instead of genre. Then to promote it we created a Twitbot (Chatbot) that asked people to tweet how they were feeling i.e happy, sad, naughty, bored etc using the hashtag #MeTime. Twittbot would instantly suggest some content from ITVPlayer library that could match their mood.


This was promoted this on the ITV channels and the social media pages asking people to tell us how they were feeling and how we could help.


Twitbot offered suggestions to ITV shows to watch based on their mood. Which turned the ITV Player pages into a place to interact rather than just complaints.

ITV Player